Colorado Honey – 8 oz.


We buy our meticulously handled, gourmet honey from Epicurean Honey Company, which is located not far from us in Western Colorado. There are 20,000 species of bees on earth, but only a small fraction of them make honey. The species of honeybee used for commercial beekeeping in the United States is known as Apis mellifera. Bees work hard to imbue honey with its magical properties and to ensure they’ll have enough honey to sustain the hive through the winter. When harvesting honey from a beehive, beekeepers try not to take anything the bees will miss. If necessary, beekeepers will feed bees sugar syrup in the autumn to compensate for the honey they take.

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How to Use

Use our Colorado Mountain Honey to sweeten tea and coffee or blend it into a smoothie. Whisk honey into homemade vinaigrette dressings and sauces. Drizzle a bit of honey over oatmeal, pancakes, fresh fruit, chia seeds, or avocado pudding. Stir honey into energy balls made with nut or seed butter and add-ins like oats, dried fruit, spices, and chopped dark chocolate. Use honey to make kale chips or to glaze carrots, beets, walnuts, or cashews. You can also trade sugar for honey in some baked goods. Replace one cup of sugar with one half to two thirds cup honey and reduce the liquid in the recipe. You can even use honey to sweeten cocktails, such as honey lime margaritas, honey kissed cosmos, or bees knees made from honey mixed with gin, ginger, and lemon juice!

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Ingredients: Honey


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