Fruit Jams


“There’s something very comforting about the ritual of jam-making. It speaks of cellars filled with preserves; of neat rows of jars on pantry shelves. It speaks of winter mornings and bowls of chocolat au lait, with thick slices of good fresh bread and last year’s peach jam, like a promise of sunshine at the darkest point of the year.”

Joanne Harris, Peaches for Father Francis

Take your pick of nutritious & delicious jams!

These classic, old-fashioned jams bring enjoyment on many levels. Unlike most jams on supermarket shelves, they have real nutritional value. The flavors are complex — from the tender, delicate flavors of the Crabapple Jelly and Pear Jam to the bold and lively flavors of Ginger Peach and Apricot Jalapeno Jams. The rich colors of the jams reflect the natural colors of the fruit. From chunky Apple Pie Jam to velvety smooth Plum Jam, the textures of the jams are intriguing. Plus, their culinary uses are as varied as the cook’s imagination. The jams can agreeably complement meals from breakfast through dinner and dessert!

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